FAQ regarding this pics site..

How do I post an image?

On Most pages you will see a “Post image” button that looks a lot like this.  post one  Go ahead and click on that thing.   When you do, you will be prompted to enter a title, pick a camp year, and select an image from your local computer or device.      Once you select that picture and press the post button, your image will be shared for all to see.

How do I post a video?

The Thing about Videos on this site is that you will not actually upload a video here.   You can upload your video file to Youtube or Vimeo and then share the link or URL or address that they give you here.   When you share a video you will be asked to enter the URL.  That’s the link to youtube etc. 

How do I find an image?

Every image that is uploaded is assigned to a album representing the year. Click on a year at the bottom of the page to choose a year and look through the images in that collection. How easy did you expect it to be!? Sheesh.

How do I create an account?

You may want to create an account before you post. If you post without an account, your picture will not have your name attached which is probably fine and maybe good. But if you want control over that picture or credit, you will need to register first. This is a wordpress site, so when you register, you will be creating a wordpress user. that doesn’t matter much except that when you log in, you will be on a wordpress menu and will have to find the “Visit site” button in the top menu bar in order to see the pics.hoopaholics.net site and the gallery. Go ahead and give it a try. Also note that this account you register is different than the hoopaholics.net website that you will use to register for camps. Try to not get those two accounts confused. This pics site is a totally separate site from the main registration site.

How do I Modify a posting?

If you created that posting as a registered user, then when you look at a page of pictures, you will see an edit button or maybe a Delete button. You can delete it and re-upload. If you did not upload it as a registered user, you are S. O. L. Email chamberlandmi@gmail.com and he can delete it or change stuff. If you’d like to be an admin, apply with Sam Tuttle.

What is difference between this site and the hoopaholics.net camp registration site?

Pics.hoopaholics.net is a different website than www.hoopaholics.net. The stuff in front of a primary domain name is called a subdomain. In this case these two sub-domains are totally separate websites. If you register on one, it does not mean you are registered on the other. Each is individual. there may be links between the two, but that’s about their only practical relationship. Pics is for pictures. www is for registration and payment processing. You do not need to register on the pics site in order to post images.

When all else fails, Email chamberlandmi@gmail.com